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'Friends of the Museum' was established in August 2003, for anyone that shares our same interest in preserving the history of our region. Members of 'Friends' have been a great asset in assisting the committee in the work involved in setting up the museum.

The Museum committee was formed in June 2001 and was incorporated in November 2001. The aim of the committee is to collect and preserve historical and heritage material illustrating the growth and development of the Hinterland Region of the Gold Coast from the original pioneering days until today.

We plan to arrange and describe these materials and make them accessible to the general public on a regular basis as well as providing educational programs where possible to increase public awareness and appreciation of the Gold Coast Hinterland region's history and development.

Membership Benefits:
· Fellowship with people sharing the same interests in preserving the history of our region.
· Social events such as excursions to other museums, Christmas party.
· Regular newsletter.

Membership Fees:
Joining Fee - $20 [includes badge]
Annual Fee - $10

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